Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream

Walk me to my grave.
Take this tiresome fear that bestows upon me
Another's tomb,
When the wind so restlessly whistles
The obscenities of my name.

I am but a grain of architecture.
Placed where the blue print reads.
I feel as the horoscope portrays.
I was born into forewarned Death.
To take a breath at the bottom of the Pool.

Who bears the keys of the castle?
When the fortress is wilted and grey?
Is this really mine?

I had no say in procreation.
Am I just holding it for a friend?
While all that life is,
Is just probation.

Monochrome In Colour

Like all have seen before
Colours merge into one
Ominous and comforting
Gaze upon its surface
And beyond to the core
The shapes dance for your eyes
Dance a silent dance
Beautiful and grey
Like the sky
As you gaze it becomes blue
The moon as we once knew
Starlight reflects and twinkles in the night sky
Beauty known best after dark
Twinkle and flicker
Like the shapes on your mind
Dancing their silent dance
For you

False Negation, Yet Dreamed Of

What if I said no?
Would you do it all alone?
And still you pretend
That I am of no consequence
And have you, in all our time,
Ever made an effort?
Or even a thought, maybe?
Paper and ribbons on bright wrappers
As fragile, and thoughtless,
As a twig on a winter's morning.
And still you ask,
And it's not all that you can,
Of me,
To carve a glittering glass pane,
As strong and powerful as song.
What if I said no?
What would you do then?
Would you do it all alone?

The Labyrinth

Here's a riddle,
A puzzle if you will.
I've made a labyrinth
A highly elaborate maze.
Down one of the corridors
Or maybe all,
You will find a niche.
In the dark,
Maybe you will find a wall
With shelves reaching high
Stacked with a myriad of glass jars
All sealed tightly shut.
And in this palace walks a child
Who is the audience
And the Maker
Of simple minds
And twisted guiles.

Based on Thomas Harris's most darkest, and most wonderfull creation..