Hiding Behing My Ear

The children on stage look ghostly,
like lucid toys caged inside a shop lift.
Their tricks try to raise a smile,
but the teeth soon feel dull against my chest.

The room shudders in the morning breeze,
And the skeptics in the audience move with it.
And though I can still see through the clouds,
Pedantic overhead, something doesn't quite feel right.
I'm still in one piece, but is the box?


More Photoshop madness.


It's getting cold now,
and the trembling trees know it.

They cling onto their leaves,
but it won't be long before they too have to go.
The struggling sighs against icy winds have died,
and only faint whispers echo in the valley below.

It's getting late now,
and the flocking crows know it.

The panicked beating of desperate wings
a warning on the forest floor;
Streaks of pink shine through the empty sky
as the shivering sun crawls back into the ground.

We're getting lost now,
And my stumbling feet know it.

The moonless night and the misty woods slow us,
but the crickets don't pierce your ears and you show it.
I stagger through cracks, snapping jagged twigs back,
Fall mindless on the sullen earth,
And begin to dig.

Fotoshop Phun

I'm actually beginning to use photoshop thanks to Digital Media class. Anyway here is some artwork that I did for a friend's band (Escher's Knot from Chennai), and another one I did for my own project. Don't know if I'll be using it now, what with the new band and everything.

After Effect

Another one is programmed
To proclaim the world
Beneath the darkened sun.
It saturates the system
Striking at the core
Always watching you.

The unity of internal conflict,
The dissolution aimed at reason,
Control of all real meaning
Veils all that you see.

Complicity over capacity
You pass up on your soul
Regulating, Calculating
Let them at your soul

Consumed by dependency
Fabricating a sense of belonging
Death is only the beginning
I am the after effect.