I know a world where sky
then arises spontaneously.
Split instant is no time
and it happens all the time
everywhere I go.

Sometimes it's too much
like Heaven crashing down
where thoughts are thunderclouds,
tornados and bolts
that stick emotional shock
like sharp, jagged weapons
into the unconscious
black hole
of mystery.


space flirts with time
delivering a Moment
rising like a pregnant sun
bearing an invitation to choose.

On it's distant planet
near a cave
a beach smiles
as an angry ocean pounds on and on.
A shadow paces
at the water's edge
like a stranded inhabitant.
I think that it is me.

Then suddenly inspired by natural forces
unbeknownst to me
I leap into the river vortex,
metaphorically thoughtless,
reminded I am no one
once again.